Here are 16 common requests for warranty service that are not covered under the warranty. Please look these over to see if it applies to you before submitting a warranty claim. Thank you.

  • 1. Paint

    At closing you will receive a certificate for a paint touch up kit. Perfect for those minor move-in nicks, scratches and other cosmetic areas that need touch-up.
  • 2. Caulk

    Shrinkage of caulk occurs, this is normal. For the best results re-caulk interior and exterior areas regularly, especially in wet areas.
  • 3. Vinyl Flooring

    Vinyl Flooring is a soft product that can be easily damaged. Please inspect the vinyl floor carefully at the time of your walk-thru. We can NOT warrant torn, nicked or cut vinyl after your walk-thru.
  • 4. Tile Flooring

    Cracking of grout joints is quite common and is a homeowner maintenance item. Broken tiles will be replaced & excessive grout cracking will be repaired only once. Builder is not responsible for discontinued patterns or for color variations in dye lots.
  • 5. Floors

    Some noise may be heard when walking on a the 2-story floor. This is a characteristic of a multi-level home.
  • 6. Fireplace

    Annual interior glass cleaning is necessary for proper use and safely.
  • 7. Air Conditioning Filters

    Filters in your evaporative cooler or refrigerated air conditioning units need to be changed on a monthly basis in order to maintain maximum efficiency.
  • 8. Windows

    Condensation on the windows is not the fault of the windows. This can frequently occur with the temperature outside is colder than the temperature inside.
  • 9. Concrete

    Cracks in the concrete (driveways, sidewalk, patio, foundations) are likely to occur. This is usually not a construction deficiency and will not impair the intended use of the concrete surface. Concrete exposed to the elements is not warranted after acceptance and move-in.
  • 10. Drainage

    Unplanted yards can wash out with one rainfall. Maintenance of established drainage pathways is a homeowner responsibility. During your walk-thru with the superintendent please look at the established drainage carefully.
  • 11. Sheet Rock

    Due to normal expansion and contraction of your new home, hairline cracks may appear in the walls and ceilings. This should be maintained by the customer.
  • 12. Stucco

    Cracks in stucco are common and should be expected. If repaired, the color will be matched as closely as possible, but an exact match is impossible. White stains sometimes occur when stucco is saturated with moisture. This a normal occurrence as salts leached out of the stucco.
  • 13. Countertops

    Laminate and Marble countertops must be protected from heat, abrasives and sharp objects. Do not allow water to stand on countertop seams, damage may occur. Some markings may be apparent from the manufacturing process. Damage to countertop by misuse is not warrantable.
  • 14. Landscaping

    Proper maintenance and watering is the sole responsibility of the homeowner. Bugs, fungus and any plant disease can be treated with retail products suggested to by your local garden center. Any and all landscaping is not warranted after your walk-thru. Due to excessive winds in some areas, sand will collect in the rocks in your landscaping. This is a non-warrantable item.
  • 15. Fencing

    Cedar fencing is installed in its natural state. We suggest that you seal your fence on a yearly basis with either Linseed Oil or Thompson’s Water Seal to maintain its new appearance.
  • 16. Block Walls

    Due to normal expansion and contractions of mansonry products, joints in your block walls may develop small cracks. This is a non-warrantable item.

For a complete list of warranted and non-warranted items and deadlines, please consult your warranty manual.